Reviewing Answers and Scores

There are multiple ways to review your answers and scores.

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There are multiple ways to review your answers and scores while working in EditMentor.

During a Challenge

Before submitting an answer, two options are available on the Timeline for a user to get help with a challenge - Show Hint and Reveal Answer.

Show Hint Button

This button will show a clue to answering the challenge question. If clicked, the user's score for the challenge will not be affected.

Show Hint.

Reveal Answer Button

Users may reveal correct, incorrect, partially correct, or all answers.

Reveal Answer

If the Reveal Answer option is selected, the user will NOT score points for the challenge. A warning will appear before revealing an answer.

Reveal the Answers

Submit Answers Button

Once you have completed a challenge, the Submit Answers button will light up on the timeline panel. Press Submit Answers when ready.

Score Window

Example Score Window with one Incorrect Answer and one Correct Answer

The Score Window will appear after submitting an answer.

Below the award statue is Your Score. The left number is your score for the challenge, and the right number is the most points you could earn for that specific challenge. In the example above, the user scored 6 points out of 12.

Below Your Score, you'll see each answer from within the challenge and a score for each question. This window shows whether your response is:

Frame Faces - Correct =Green Film Frame, Incorrect = Red Film Frame, Partially Correct = Yellow Film Frame
  • Correct - Green Film Frame

  • Incorrect - Red Film Frame

  • Partially Correct - Yellow Film Frame

If there is more than one question within a challenge, you can click the challenge question to get more details for each answer.

On the right side of the window is an explanation for each answer. Each answer includes an explanation and the points earned based on your answer. It also contains clues as to how you might approach the challenge differently.

View All Possible Answers

At the bottom of the Score Window is the View All Possible Answers button. Click it to learn more about the challenge answers. You will return to the Timeline, where you can interact with your answers to learn more.

After viewing all possible answers, press the My Score button on the timeline panel to return to the Score Window to see your challenge score.

The Replay Challenge button is also available in the Score Window, which allows users to redo the challenge to try and earn a better score. Otherwise, select Next Challenge to continue with the lesson.

Please note that the answers will display differently depending on the challenge question type. Review these articles for more details:

Reviewing Previous Challenge Answers During a Lesson

Reviewing Scores from Previous Challenge Window with Score towards top left and Review All Answers and Replay Challenge buttons at the bottom.

While playing a lesson, you can review previous challenge answers. Click the lesson panel to review each challenge completed. Completed challenges are represented with an orange checkmark with a circle.

Select the previous challenge you wish to review. The challenge text will appear, along with the user's score for that challenge, towards the top, underneath the challenge's title. The example above shows the user scored 9 points out of 9 points.

Two buttons are available towards the bottom of the lesson panel window too:

  • Review All Answers - This button will reveal your scores and all answers for that challenge.

  • Try Again - This allows the user to redo that challenge.

Completing Lesson Score Window

Complete Lesson Window

After completing a lesson, a window will appear that will share your final score and three options:

  • Review - When clicked, you can review your scores and answers for each challenge.

  • Replay Lesson - This button will start the lesson again from the beginning.

  • Next Lesson or Complete - This button will take you to the next lesson inside the course or back to the Course Library if you've completed the entire course.

Reviewing Challenge Answers after Completing a Lesson

Students can review their lesson scores and progress within a course by clicking on the See Details button under each course within their Curriculum Page.

Course Description Box with Arrow Pointing at See Details Button.

The Scores and Progress Page includes a course overview, each lesson within a course, lesson scores, and progress.

Scores and Progress Page

Continue a Lesson

Each lesson will show your current progress. If you left a lesson before completing it, you can jump right back to where you started. In the Scores section, click the lesson to return to the challenge where you left off or click the Continue button in the top right corner.

Review a Lesson

Review Icon Highlighted Above Lesson Title.

Go to the Progress section, then click the Review button with an eye icon above the lesson name.

Download Course Certificate

Download Icon

If you have completed a course, you can download a Certificate of Completion by clicking the download icon towards the top right corner of the page.

Replay Lesson

Lesson Button in the Scores Section

In the Scores section, click the lesson you want to replay from the beginning. The system will keep your best score.

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