Answering Trim Challenges

How to answer questions for a Trim Challenge.

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In a trim challenge, you are asked to shorten or lengthen a clip in the timeline by using the correct trim tool.

Answering Trim Challenge

From the information panel, press start challenge to access the challenge timeline.

You must choose the right trim tool to answer the question correctly. If you choose the wrong trim tool, your answer will be incorrect. You can find what type of trim tool you need to use within the challenge text.

The trimming tools are located in the tools palette to the left of the timeline.

  • Trim icons from left to right: Basic Trim, Ripple Trim, Rolling Trim.

    • Hover your mouse on an icon to read the tool's name.

Trim tools.

Trim the sequence the way you feel is correct.

The answer to a challenge will never require more than one type of trim on the in or out point of any one clip. For example, you will never need first to ripple trim and then roll the same portion of a clip. However, you may be asked to ripple one clip and roll another within one challenge.

If you make a mistake, use the undo or redo buttons in the timeline to try again.

Undo and Redo

Submit Answer

Press submit answers when you have trimmed all the clips you wish to edit.

Submit Answers

Reviewing Trim Tool Challenge Answers

After submitting an answer, a Score Window will appear. We recommend reviewing all the answers to a challenge after completing it. Identifying gaps in your knowledge is a significant key to getting better. From the Score Window, you may press View All Possible Answers.

View All Possible Answers

To further review answers, select on any clip on the timeline to see the trim answer regions, then click on any answer region to reveal more about each answer option. The answer colors represented are Green - Correct Answer, Yellow - Partially Correct, and Red - Incorrect.

On the answer bubble, the triangle pointing down towards the timeline represents the location of the user's trim answer.

Answer Bubble

After viewing all possible answers, press the My Score button on the timeline panel to return to the Score Window to see your challenge score. The Try Again button is also available in the Score Window, which allows the user to redo the challenge. Otherwise, select Next Challenge to continue with the lesson.

My Score
Try Again and Next Challenge

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