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Students Not Seeing Courses

Why are my students not able to see the courses and lessons I've assigned them?

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There are a few reasons students might not be able to see courses.

Reason #1 - Students are Not Assigned to a Classroom

To access courses in EditMentor, students must first be assigned to a classroom. Learn more about Assigning Students to a Classroom here.

Assign a student

Reason #2 - The Class Does Not Have Any Courses Assigned To It

Students in a classroom can only see the courses assigned to it. Learn more on how to Assign Courses to a Classroom here.

Assign Course

Reason #3 - A System Bug

Sometimes an update that EditMentor publishes may cause a student to no longer see a classroom. This problem is rare, but it can happen. Try unassigning the student from the classroom and re-assigning them to fix it.

Reason #4 - They Created a Life Learner Account

At times, students mistakenly create a life learner account directly from the EditMentor website instead of using a teacher's invite to create their account. When this is done, their account is not linked with the teacher's account. One way to know this for sure is if the student sees courses within their account but costs money to access them, they've created a life learner account.

If a student has created a life learner account by mistake, send us a message in the chat window. We can delete the life learner account so that they can create a new account through your teacher invite.

The Main Page View from a Life Learner Account. If a student sees this, they setup their account incorrectly.

The image above is the Main Page View from a Life Learner Account. If a student sees this, they set up their account incorrectly.

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