Creating Classrooms

Classrooms are where you group students and assign them curricula.

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Create A New Classroom

  1. Visit the Classrooms Page.

  2. Press the Create a New Classroom button in the top right corner.

  3. In the pop-up window, give your new classroom a name, then select Create.

Create a New Classroom

Assign Additional Teachers to a Classroom

If you are the only teacher using EditMentor, you don’t need to assign teachers; you will automatically be assigned to any classroom you create.

When an additional teacher is assigned to a classroom, they have access to make changes to the class, including adding and removing students, teachers, and courses. If a teacher is not assigned to the class, they will not have access to the class.

Assign Courses to a Classroom

You can assign courses from your course library to a specific classroom. Students will not see a course in their account unless you assign it to their classroom.

To Assign a Course:

  1. Select the classroom where you wish to add a course.

  2. Click the Assign a Course button. (The button’s location might look different depending on if you have or haven’t assigned a course to the classroom.)

    Assign course to Classroom

    Assign course to Classroom

The courses on the left-hand side are the courses you’ve added to the My Courses tab on the Curriculum Page. The courses on the right-hand side are the Selected Courses you’ve added to the Classroom.

Select All box

Invite Students to a Classroom

  1. Select a Classroom.

  2. Press the Assign Student button.

  3. From the Available Student list, select the students you wish to add to the classroom.

Hover over a student’s name and drag

Adjusting, Assigning or Removing Students from a Classroom

From the information panel, you may:

  • Edit the name of the classroom

  • Assign or Unassign teachers

  • Assign and Unassign courses from the classroom

  • Add and remove students from the classroom

Edit Description

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