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Adding Teachers to Classrooms

Assigning a teacher to a classroom within EditMentor.

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If you are the only teacher using EditMentor, you don’t need to assign teachers to a classroom, as you will automatically be assigned to any classroom you create.

If you have multiple teachers using EditMentor, you may need to assign them to their classrooms. When a teacher is assigned to a Classroom, they have access to make changes to that Classroom, including adding and removing students, teachers, and courses. If a teacher is not assigned to the Classroom, they will not be able to view it.

Assigning Additional Teachers to a Classroom

  1. First, the admin of the EditMentor account must invite the teacher to the account. If you have not done this step, visit the help article on how to Invite a Teacher.

  2. Next, on the Classrooms Page, select the Classroom you wish to add the teacher to and open the information panel.

  3. Click Assign Teacher next to the plus [+] icon.

    Assign a Teacher

  4. Select the teachers you want from the Available Teachers list, then click the middle right triangle to add them. You can also drag and drop.

  5. Once the teacher is listed on the “Selected Teachers” side, press “OK.”

  6. A pop-up message will alert you that you added the teacher successfully. The additional teacher should now be able to view the Classroom.

Unassigning Teachers

To unassign a teacher, click the X next to the teacher’s name, then press unassign from the pop-up. The teacher will be removed and no longer have access to the Classroom.

Unassigning a teacher
Unassigning a teacher

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