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How do I activate an EditMentor student account for my school?

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If you are a student using EditMentor for school, DO NOT create an account without your teacher's invitation access.

Your teacher will invite you by sharing an Invitation Link or an E-mail Invitation.

Invitation Link from your Teacher

Your teacher will send you an invitation link to join your school. Once you click the activation link, you'll be taken to a page where you can "Set Up Your Account". Here is where you will create a username and a password.

Make sure you include a name that your teacher will recognize. You do not need to include your e-mail unless your teacher has directed you to do so. Once you fill in your information, click "Save & Continue."

Please Note: At this time, EditMentor does not have the functionality for students to log in with a Google account. Students can use a Google e-mail address as their username, but they cannot log in directly through Google.

Set Up Your Account Page after Clicking Invitation Link from Teacher.

Please Note: If you already have an EditMentor account through your school/organization from a previous class, log into your account first, then click the invitation link from your teacher to be added directly to their classroom.

If you forgot your login information (username or e-mail associated with the account), ask your teacher to share that information with you.

E-Mail Invitation from your Teacher

If your teacher has invited you by e-mail, you will receive an e-mail from your teacher to join EditMentor. Click the activation link in the e-mail to create a password.

Check your Spam or Junk Mail folder for the e-mail invitation if you don't receive it.

Example of what the E-mail Invitation looks like from a student's point of view.

The password you make is your own. Your teacher will not know it. Once you create a password, you will then be prompted to "Log In" to your account (click here to continue setting up your account.)

Create Password Page

Log In

Once you create an account, you'll be prompted to log in with your username/email and the password you created.

Log In Window

After signing in, you should see a course or several courses. Your teacher assigns the specific courses for your class. Please contact your teacher to inform them if you do not see any courses in your account.

Courses Page Showing all Possible EditMentor Courses Available.

Forgot Password

Log In By E-Mail

If you forgot your password and log into EditMentor with an email, click Forgot Password below the password window. EditMentor will send an e-mail for you to create a new password.

Log In Window with the "Forgot Password" Link highlighted.

Log In By Username

If you forgot your password and log into EditMentor with a username, e-mail your teacher to request a password reset link.

If you still have problems signing in, please read our troubleshooting guide.

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