Markers and Interactive Markers

How to use the different markers in the timeline.

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Keyboard Shortcut: Keyboard shortcut [m]

Markers allow editors to mark a specific point in a sequence. In EditMetnor, markers are used to answer challenges.

Professionally, an editor might leave a marker on a timeline as a reminder about something specific or make a note for another crew member working with them on a project.


To leave a marker, place the Playhead at the specific time on the timeline where you believe the correct answer is located. Then press the plus button above the Playhead to “Add a Mark” to the timeline.

Add Mark

If you place a marker in the wrong spot, hover over the blue marker and click "Remove Mark." You can also move the marker left and right to place it in a different location.

Remove Mark

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Interactive Markers

Keyboard Shortcut: No keyboard shortcut

In the Interactive Marker challenges, markers that look like glowing triangles are already in the timeline when starting a challenge. These allow you to answer multiple-choice questions on the timeline while reviewing a sequence.

Interactive Markers

When you click on a triangle, you'll be presented with a multiple-choice question to answer on the timeline.

Need help answering an Interactive Marker Challenge?

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