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Display Monitor

What does the Display Monitor in EditMentor do?

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The Display Monitor is where footage is viewed.

Display Monitor

The Display Monitor plays video from either the Timeline or the Media Library depending on which is selected.


The Playhead is the orange bar that moves to the right as you play the media in the Display Monitor. When the Timeline Panel is selected, the Display Monitor shows the frame where the Playhead is located in the timeline.

Use the left and right arrow keys ⬅️ ➡️ on your keyboard to move the playhead one frame, either backwards or forwards.

Add In Point - Add Out Point Buttons

Keyboard Shortcut: [i] Mark an In Point [o] Mark an Out Point.

The Add In Point and Add Out Point buttons allows the user to select a portion of a clip within the Display Monitor that they may want to use in an edit.

Insert and Overwrite Buttons

Keyboard Shortcut: [v] Insert Edit [b] Overwrite Edit

Insert Button is on the left and the Overwrite Button is on the Right.

Insert and Overwrite buttons are two different ways to add a clip from the Display Monitor to the Timeline as an Insert or Overwrite edit.


Timecode is used to identify the precise time of a clip or the location of a sequence. I

A timecode readout shows the Hours, Minutes, Seconds, and Frames in number format, broken up by a colon 00:00:00:00.

  • The timecode readout on the left of the Display Monitor shows the current time based on the position of the playhead.

  • The timecode on the right of the Display Monitor shows the total length of the shot or timeline.

Time code

Full Screen View

The square button in the bottom right of the Display Monitor will open the viewer into a Full Screen display. When ready to go back to the Normal View, click the button on the bottom corner again.

Fullscreen View
Fullscreen View

Dual Monitor View

When using the trimming tools, the Display Monitor will show the Dual Monitor View, which shows two monitors within the display. The left monitor shows the A-side of the edit, while the right monitor shows the B-side of the edit. The display will adjust as you edit point to the left or right.

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