Rule of Thirds

An excellent guide to follow when framing a shot is the Rule of Thirds.

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The Rule of Thirds is an excellent guide to follow when framing a shot. With this rule, you divide the frame of a shot into thirds, using imaginary lines - two horizontal and two vertical - breaking the frame up into nine boxes. The lines then intersect at four points. It looks like a tic-tac-toe board. To create a visually pleasing composition, you should place your shot's primary focus at one of the intersecting points.

Example of the Rule of Third being applied to an interview shot.

A standard framing style for interviews is having the subject's body placed on one of the vertical lines with their eyes aligned with the top horizontal line. Having the subject off-center, near one of the intersections, allows for more depth within the frame.

Many cameras have a setting within the menu to turn on a rule of third guide over top of your frame so that you can compose your shot properly while on set.

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