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An essential part of any video news broadcast is the News Package.

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An essential part of any video news broadcast is the News Package. A news package is a pre-recorded, newsworthy story. News packages traditionally air during broadcast news programs, but many are also uploaded to online news sites nowadays.

Broadcast news packages should include the majority of these elements within their story:

  • Interviews - A structured conversation between two or more people - the interviewer and interviewee - seeking to gain facts or opinions about the story.

  • Sound Bite - A smaller portion of a subject's interview answer that best fits the story.

  • B-Roll - Additional footage to visually clarify and expand on the story.

  • Standup - An on-camera reporter led shot providing an explainer to fill in information gaps in the story.

  • NAT Sound - Natural sound that was present at the time of recording.

  • Room Tone - Low-volume recording of the subtle sounds present in any room.

  • Reporter's Track - An audio-only track that the reporter writes to help advance the story by setting up the sound bites and clarifying and summarizing relevant information.

  • Lead - The first line of audio in a news package.

  • Open - The first visual shot or graphic in a news package.

  • Close - The last story point the viewer will hear in a news package.

  • Out Cue - Located at the end of a news package that shares the news station's call letters and the reporter's name.

To build a news package, a reporter must:

  • Research the story

  • Gather multiple sources of information

  • Shoot footage on location

  • Conduct interviews

  • Write and edit the final news package

Reporters typically work with quick deadlines to deliver their reports in time for the live broadcast to ensure each story is relevant and timely.

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