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Cancel or Delete EditMentor Account
Cancel or Delete EditMentor Account

How to cancel your EditMentor account.

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Cancelling Educational Plans

To cancel a paid education subscription, visit your profile page in the lower left corner of your browser.

From your profile page, select billing information. Find the cancel plan button at the bottom of your billing history.

Please note that cancelling your subscription does not delete your account. Instead, your account will become a free plan and any active student users will become inactive. You may continue using EditMentor with up to three students on a free plan.

Deleting Accounts

If you have a free or paid account and want it deleted, email [email protected] with that request. Please note, we will not backup your account or its data. All data of all students, including student scores, active student accounts, and paid workshop courses will be completely deleted per GDPR and cannot be restored.

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