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Importing Courses and Lessons

Importing courses and lessons into a Teacher's account by using the My Courses and Course Library tabs.

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Courses are now automatically added to EditMentor educator accounts, but this help article will show you how to add courses if you happen to remove them, or looking for a specific lesson.

Importing Lessons into a Teacher's Account

There are two tabs at the top of the Curriculum Page:

  • My Courses - These are the courses that you can assign to students.

  • Course Library - These are courses created by EditMentor's curriculum team, to import into the My Courses section.

    • Courses in the Course Library cannot be altered and are updated by EditMentor staff periodically.

Course and Course's Library

Import a Course

Courses are containers (folders) that hold lessons. When adding a course, you are importing all of the lessons within it.

  1. Select the Course Library tab.

  2. Choose the course you wish to import, then click “Copy to My Courses."

course Library
Copy to My Courses

Import a Single Lesson

Teachers have an option to import a single lesson from a course, instead of an entire course. This is useful if you wish to replace a lesson that has been updated.

  1. Hover over the course that contains the lesson you want to import.

  2. Press the orange lessons button to reveal all of the lessons within a course.

Orange Lesson Button
  1. Select the lesson you want to import - the information panel will open.

  2. Towards the bottom right corner of the informational panel, press “Copy To My Courses.”

  3. A pop-up will appear. Select one of the courses that already lives in your My Courses tab, from the drop-down where you would like the lesson to be copied into.

  4. Then click “Copy To My Course”.

Cop to My course

Play a Lesson in the Course Library

You have the ability to play a lesson before adding a course or a lesson into your account.

To play a lesson from the Course Library:

  1. Pick any lesson within the course by pressing in the middle of the card.

  2. Press “Try as Student" when you’re ready to try the lesson out.

Try as Student

Curriculum Roadmap

We periodically update or add new lessons to our courses. View our curriculum roadmap to view all of the available and upcoming courses.

The roadmap document can always be found in the chat happy face, bottom right corner. Click on it, and select curriculum roadmap. It is best to view it inside your browser.

Chat Happy Face
Curriculum Roadmap

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