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Building a Challenge - Interactive Marker
Building a Challenge - Interactive Marker

How to create an interactive marker challenge when building a lesson.

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In an interactive marker challenge students are asked to answer multiple choice questions directly in the timeline (learn about creating challenges).

  • Example: Is this character the protagonist or antagonist?

In the example shown here, a student must:

  1. Select the glowing triangle marker

  2. Add an answer

Answered questions will have a blue checkmark next to them.

Creating an Interactive Marker Challenge

From the lesson panel, add a challenge and choose the challenge type Interactive Marker.

NOTE: Once a challenge type is set, it cannot be changed.

Add a description for the challenge.

Build a Timeline or Use a Template

Next, build your timeline by importing footage or select a template.

Import or use the Media Browser

Import footage into EditMentor

After importing footage, you will build a timeline in the editor. EditMentor includes editing tools like marking in-point, out-point and using insert and overwrite edit.



Templates are prebuilt timelines and library clips that you can use for lesson building.

  • Note: Before you can save your challenge, you must build a timeline and add at least one correct answer.

Adding Answers

When your sequence is ready, press add answers.

Move the playhead to the location where you want the answer to be. Add a marker to the timeline.

When you add a marker, the information panel will open. Enter a name, description, and hint for your challenge.

Create the various answers. You may add more than one variable by pressing add answers. For example, A, B, C, D answers.

  • Note: You must add a correct answer to every challenge.

Save the challenge. A blue marker appears in your timeline. The marker will be visible to your students as a pulsing triangle.

You may add multiple blue answer markers.

  • Note: You can click, hold and drag a marker left or right with your mouse to change its position.

Changing Answers

At anytime you may return to the information panel and edit any of your answers. To change an answer, press the pencil icon next to the challenge you wish to edit.

In the same location you may view your answers, reorder the challenges, or delete the challenge all together.

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