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Creating Challenges

How to build challenges within EditMentor as you create a lesson.

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Challenges are the interactive questions that students answer within any EditMentor lesson.

When creating or editing a lesson, view the challenge options in the Challenges tab.

Adding a Challenge

From the Challenges tab, select the + next to create your first challenge.

If you already have challenges, scroll down to the bottom of the list to add a new challenge.

Challenge Builder - Basic Information

When you add a challenge, the challenge builder will open. You must complete the basic information related to the challenge before you are able to save it. Basic information includes:

  1. Challenge name

  2. Challenge type (more on that in a moment)

  3. Challenge description

Challenge Type

Once you've select a Challenge Type, the information required to create that challenge will change.

To learn more about specific Challenge Type and how to build them, visit the links below:

IMPORTANT Notes when Building a Challenge:

  • Once a question type is set, it cannot be changed.

  • You must set a challenge type in order to save a challenge.

  • You must add at least one correct answer to save a challenge.

Rearranging Challenge Order

From the challenge tab, press and hold the mouse on the challenge you wish to reorder. Drag up or down until you have reached the desired location. Release the mouse button.

Edit, Duplicate, Delete Challenges

To edit, delete, or duplicate a challenge once it is created, hover your mouse over the challenge and make your selection.

Edit a challenge

Note: Duplicated challenges may not have their challenge type changed.

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