Creating and Editing Lessons

Building and/or editing lessons inside of EditMentor.

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What is a Lesson?

Lessons are containers that hold challenges, which are the specific interactive questions that students answer along with any text about what the student should do.

Lessons exist inside of a course and are not stand-alone items.

  • Note: Lesson can only be created by teachers with educational accounts or enterprise license holders. Students cannot create lessons.

  • For pedagogical advice on building lessons, please read this article.

Viewing Lessons Inside of a Course

Select Curriculum on the left side of the page, then select the Orange "LESSONS" Bar on the right side of a course to see the lessons within in.

Lessons in an EditMentor course

Editing a Lesson

With a paid educational plan, any portion of a lesson can be edited. For example, teachers may alter lesson text, scores, and answers. Follow these steps to edit a lesson:

  1. Press on the Orange Lessons drop-down to view the lessons

  2. Press a lesson card to open the information panel

  3. Click on the pencil icon to edit the contents inside the lesson

You may also change the lesson name, description, time to complete, and even add a video introducing the information panel lesson.

Lesson menu drop down
Choose a lesson
Click pencil icon

Common Lesson Building Tasks from the Information Panel

  1. Lesson title

  2. Edit lesson, delete lesson

  3. Max possible Score

  4. Lesson Time

  5. Lesson description (click show more)

  6. Challenges in the lesson

  7. Move to drafts, review scores, duplicate lesson, remove from course, play as a student

Lesson Building Tasks

Play Lesson as Student

From any published lesson, press Play as Student to test the lesson for yourself. Your score will not be recorded.

  • Tip: During lesson building or editing, we advise opening two tabs in Google Chrome. In one tab you will play the lesson as a student. In the other tab, you will adjust the challenges.

Published Lessons vs Draft Lessons

  • Published: Lessons are visible to students who are assigned to the course.

  • Draft: Lessons are not visible to students, even if they are assigned to the course. If you have a paid account, you can move lessons into “Draft” so that they are not visible to students immediately. This is helpful if you want the students to focus on one lesson at a time.

Published lessons vs draft lessons

To publish a draft lesson, press Publish Lesson at the bottom of the information panel. and confirm.

Publish a lesson

Duplicate Lesson

While building a curriculum, teachers may want to duplicate a lesson. From the lessons page, press on the lesson you wish to duplicate and press Duplicate Lesson. You can choose to publish it or send it to drafts.

Duplicate Lesson

Create a New Lesson

Choose a course and press Create a New Lesson. Enter the lesson name, the average time, and description. You can also upload a video. Press Save lesson as drafts.

Create Lesson

Delete a Lesson

Press on a lesson card to open the information panel. From the buttons in the panel's upper right corner, choose the trash bin icon to Delete the Lesson.

Note: Unassigning a lesson from a course does not delete the lesson from your account.

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