Why Can't I Log In To EditMentor?

Common issues students and users might encounter if having difficulties logging into EditMentor.

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Common Issues:

"I didn't get the invitation link."

  • If you are a student using EditMentor for school, ask your teacher to share the invitation link again.

  • Or ask us for help by clicking on the orange chat icon at the bottom right corner of the EditMentor website to send us a message using the chat feature.

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"I clicked the invitation/activation link, but I still can't log in."

Change password in EditMentor

"I tried resetting my password, but I haven't received an e-mail."

If you don't receive a reset password e-mail, there could be two reasons:

  • You set up your EditMentor account through your Google account. If so, try logging in with the "Log In With Google" button.

    You might not receive a reset password e-mail if you setup you account through Google.

  • Or your school or organization account is blocking EditMentor e-mails. If that happens, reach out to us through the chat feature in the bottom right corner.

"I received the verification e-mail, but the link isn't working."

If your teacher invited you by e-mail, the unique verification link would expire if :

  • You already clicked them once.

  • Your teacher sent a new link.

Ask your teacher to send you a new link and try again.

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