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Pedagogical Suggestions For Lesson Building
Pedagogical Suggestions For Lesson Building

Our philosophy to building lessons in EditMentor.

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Want to build your own EditMentor lessons? We want to offer you ten suggestions for improving your EditMentor lessons:

  1. Every lesson should be project-based. As much as possible, the lesson should start with an idea and build to a final product.

  2. The best challenges ask the student to think and interact with the software. For example, only ask a multiple-choice question that students can answer by doing something in the interface.

  3. Only add incorrect or partially correct answers if they add interesting information. EditMentor does not use answers to rank students from A to F. We believe that answers should be used to identify gaps in knowledge.

  4. Error on the side of too many answers. Even when students get correct answers, they will often review the incorrect and partially correct answers.

  5. A lesson should be at most 10-15 challenges. Don't overwhelm students. We recommend that lessons take approximately half an hour to forty-five minutes to complete.

  6. Lesson points should add up to 100. Students are used to that scale.

  7. Use different challenge types within one lesson. Varying the activity will keep it interesting for students.

  8. Keep the challenge text as simple as possible. Mostly, we want students to interact with the interface. Aim for lesson text to be fewer than 250 words.

  9. Every lesson should teach something about the story. Think of editing as the language of film. Teach the language, not the writing utensil.

  10. Use student movies in your examples when possible. Students respond well when they react to the material that they produce.

Test your lessons with your students, and keep revising them. You'll be surprised at what kinds of answers they come up with.

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