How to Change your Password

There are two places to change your password in EditMentor if you forgot your password or want to update it to something new.

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Change Password from Log In Screen

To change your password from the EditMentor home page, select log in and Forgot Password link at the bottom of the screen.

Change password in EditMentor

On the following screen, enter the email address for the account. EditMentor will send an email to that account with a link to set a new password.

Reset Password

Change Password from Within EditMentor

To change your password from within EditMentor, visit your user profile page in the lower left just above the logout button.


Chose the bottom option from the menu

Enter your current EditMentor password, followed by a new password, and then click the change button.

Change Password in EditMentor

"I tried resetting my password, but I haven't received an email."

If you don't receive a reset password email, there could be two reasons:

  • You set up your EditMentor account through your Google account. If so, try logging in with the "Log In With Google" button.

    You might not receive a reset password e-mail if you setup you account through Google.

  • Or if you are a student account, your school or organization account is blocking EditMentor e-mails. If that happens, reach out to us through the chat feature in the bottom right corner.

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