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Creating Courses

Create a course to hold the lessons that you build.

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Courses are containers/folders that hold lessons.

  • Courses may only be created by educational accounts or added by EditMentor's staff. Individuals users and student accounts cannot create courses.

  • To learn about assigning courses to a classroom, read this article.

Creating a New Course 

Select Curriculum from the menu. On the Curriculum page, you will see a list of courses that you created.  

  • Press the Create a New Course in the top right corner of the page.

  • Input the name and description of the course. Uploading an image is optional.

  • Press Create Course.

New Course button
Creat Course

Editing a Course

  • Hover over the center of the course card, and press the pencil icon.

  • Change the name or description of the course.

  • Press the green checkmark to confirm.

Pencil I con

To change information about the lessons in the course, you must select the orange lessons drop down to view the lessons.

Edit Lesson

Deleting a Course

From the My Courses tab, select the course that you want to delete and click the trash icon. Press "Delete" to confirm.

Download, copy, delete course in EditMentor
Delete Course

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