Building a Challenge - Multiple Choice

How to create multiple choice challenges when building a lesson.

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Multiple Choice Type

In a multiple choice challenge students are asked to answer multiple choice questions in the information panel (learn about creating challenges).

  • Example: Is Eve the protagonist or antagonist of this story? A) Antagonist, B) Protagonist

Creating a Multiple Choice Challenge

From the lesson panel, add a challenge and choose the challenge type multiple choice.

NOTE: Once a challenge type is set, it cannot be changed.

Complete the required fields by adding a description and max score for your challenge. Adding a hint is optional.

The bottom portion of your text box is where you should type the question that you want students to answer.

  • Tip: Use rich text formatting to make your question stand out better.

Build a Timeline or Use a Template - (Optional)

  • Note: Multiple choice questions do not require a timeline but per our pedagogical recommendations, we do suggest that you ask your students an interactive question. For example, "look through the clips. How many takes are there in the A camera setup?"

Build your timeline by importing footage or select a template.

Import or use the Media Browser

Import footage into EditMentor

After importing footage, you will build a timeline in the editor. EditMentor includes editing tools like marking in-point, out-point and using insert and overwrite edit.



Templates are prebuilt timelines and library clips that you can use for lesson building.

  • Note: Before you can save your challenge, you must build a timeline and add at least one correct answer.

Adding Answers

When your sequence is ready, press add answers.

For your first answer, add an answer type, answer, point total, and description.

  • Note: Unlike other challenges, the multiple choice challenge type does not require the first answer to be correct.

Add additional answers to your multiple choice question by pressing Add Answer again.

After entering all desired answers, save the challenge.

Changing Answers

To change an answer, press the Add Answers button once again.

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