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Connecting to Learning Management Software (LMS)
Connecting to Learning Management Software (LMS)

Setup your classrooms instantly through your school's LMS, without creating student accounts in EditMentor.

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EditMentor allows you to set up your classrooms instantly, without creating new student accounts, by using your current Learning Management Software.

Reasons to Connect an LMS

  • Share a single link with your students and they will be logged into EditMentor automatically.

  • Student accounts will not need to be created within EditMentor.

  • Student lesson scores can be sent directly to your LMS grade book.


EditMentor is LTI compliant, and can connect to popular LMS solutions.

LMS Keys

LMS connections require a secret key and an organization key. To find yours, visit your profile.

Then press Basic Information. Your keys will be listed there.

If you can't find your keys for any reason, please find us in the chat, or contact [email protected].

Share Lessons With Students through LMS

To share a lesson with your students, press "play as student" on any lesson.

  1. Visit your browser's address bar and copy the link. It should end with the word "play."

  2. Paste the link into your LMS.

You can save time by downloading all the lesson play links from a course by hovering over the course and finding the download button.

Global Grid For Learning (GG4L)

We've partnered with the Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a public benefit corporation that is free for schools to use, to offer single sign-on (SSO). Students log into GG4L with one password and access all of the apps your school has ordered, without needing to log in to each one separately.

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