Using Templates & Shared Templates

How to save your timelines as templates or use shared templates when building a lesson.

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Perhaps the most time-consuming part of lesson creation is building timelines. EditMentor offers three ways to save your work as a template, thus speeding up the lesson creation process.

  1. Creating a template from scratch

  2. Saving a template while building a lesson

  3. Using Shared Templates

NOTE: Templates save both the timeline and the clips associated with it in the library. 

Creating a new Template

From the menu, select Templates.

Press the Add New Template button.

Add a name for your template and save it. 

Import footage to your library or use the media browser, and edit your timeline. Save your template when you're done. Your library clips and timeline will be saved in the template.

Saving a template while building a lesson

While working in any lesson, on any challenge, you may save your project as a template.

Using Shared Templates

From the templates tab, select "shared templates." Duplicate the desired template.

The template will now appear in your Templates tab, where it can be altered and used in lessons.

Deleting and Duplicating Templates

From the template menu you may chose to delete, or duplicate your project templates. 

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