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Importing Footage and the Media Browser

How to import/upload clips into lessons, and how to find them in the media browser for other lessons

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Importing Footage

Footage can be uploaded in the library panel while creating any lesson. EditMentor will save that footage with the lesson, and with your user account for future use in other lessons. 

When a user creates new templates, lessons, or challenges in the future, previously imported clips do not need to be uploaded for a second time.  

Media Browser

All previously uploaded footage can be found in the media browser. Previously imported footage can be moved into any lesson without re-uploading it.

  • In the library window, select the Media Browser tab.

  • Select the clips you wish to move into your lesson.

  • Press the Move to Lesson button. 

  • You can now switch back to your lesson tab. The clips will have been imported. 

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